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Chauffeur Hire Only

Chauffeurs can be hired on an ad hoc basis to drive a wedding vehicle, drive your bosses' car when the chauffeur is sick or event to valet cars during a car launch event or any big event. A minimum charge of 8 hours is required. Traffic Marshals for crowd and traffic control are available. A minimum charge of 6 hours is required. Project Coordinators can be requested to man operational points or logistic decks. Rates are inclusive of meals and allowances. A minimum charge of 6 hours will be levied for every coordinator requested. Please provide at least 3 day notice for us to tailor to your requests. Overland Allowance - Any jobs that requires more than 24 hours will have to include a meal and lodging allowance that will be borne by the hirer. This is charged at SGD $250.00 per day. All toll charges incurred will be charged separately to the guest. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

The Chauffeur's Scope of Service

a. The Chauffeur shall drive and hold in his care the Vehicle to addresses within Singapore ONLY as instructed by The Customer and any person(s) authorized by The Customer.

b. The Chauffeur shall hold in his care in a safe place the Vehicle throughout the duration of the Agreement, where The Customer is not in the presence of The Chauffeur.

c. The Chauffeur shall assist in the top-up of fuel as and when required, upon instruction and approval of The Customer, but, shall be reimbursed in full for any expenses incurred by The Customer.

d. The Chauffeur shall assist The Customer in the direct loading and unloading of items not exceeding 20kg into and out of the Vehicle.

e. The Chauffeur shall maintain & upkeep with the cleanliness of his designated resting area and personal restroom at the customer's residential or office premises.

The Chauffeur's Rights & Responsibilities

a. The Chauffeur reserves the right to refuse to drive any Vehicle he ascertains to be unsafe for use, is not appropriately covered by insurance or licensed in compliance with prevailing laws in Singapore.

b. The Chauffeur reserves the right to refuse to perform any act or proceed to any location which he deems as a violation of law or safety to himself and/or passengers in the Vehicle or which may fall outside the scope of his duties. This includes refusing to drive if passengers refuse to wear their seatbelts and performing other requests by The Customer which do not fall under the Scope of Service as described under the Chauffeur's scope of service.

c. The Chauffeur will be responsible for proper parking and securing of the Vehicle during the period of Booking, but his responsibility will exclude preventing the Vehicle from damage or destruction by falling trees, flood, fire, vandalism, theft or any other incident beyond his control.

d. The Chauffeur will be responsible for all traffic summonses (except ERP-related offences) issued in the Vehicle's registration number during the period of his duty, but excluding any duration of time during which the Vehicle may be driven by any other party.

e. The Chauffeur will maintain and keep in force for the term of this Agreement all valid licenses and permits to be lawfully resident and employed in Singapore and to operate whatever vehicles for the customer and perform the services and responsibilities set out in this Agreement.

f. The Chauffeur's priority and main responsibility is to wash, keep clean and tidy the vehicle designated to him for daily usage. The Chauffeur is also responsible to wash, keep clean and tidy all or any other vehicles of The Customer when being instructed & being provided with ample/reasonable time to accomplish without the need of rushing or causing possible disruption to his subsequent driving schedules/duties as assigned.

The Customer's Responsibilities

a. The Customer shall ensure that the Vehicle is duly licensed for use and covered by insurance in compliance with all prevailing laws in Singapore.

b. The Customer shall ensure that the Vehicle is in serviceable condition and safe for road usage.

c. The Customer shall ensure that the Vehicle contains sufficient fuel for use; or permit The Chauffeur to top-up fuel on his behalf, reimbursing The Chauffeur in full upon provision of a valid receipt thereafter.

d. The Customer shall provide the Chauffeur a cash-card (or appropriate equivalent) with sufficient balance within for use in relation to crossing of ERP gantries or payment for car park charges. The Customer will be responsible for settlement all “Non-Payment of ERP”-related offences meted out by the Land Transport Authority (unless it can be clearly proven that the Chauffeur failed to insert the cash-card on his own accord).

e. The Customer shall not cause or suggest for The Chauffeur to engage in any act that contravenes any law, traffic regulation or that contravenes the integrity of The Chauffeur's rights and responsibilities in Clause (4).

f. The Customer shall immediately notify STG and duly forward details of any traffic summons received and due in responsibility by The Chauffeur. The final settlement of all such traffic summons will thereafter remain a private matter between The Customer and The Chauffeur.

g. The Customer shall adhere to the Ministry Of Manpower's guideline with regards to assignment of overtime duty to The Chauffeur.

h. The Customer shall ensure that valuables left inside the vehicle cabin are deemed to be safe and being placed at their own risk at all times. STG shall not be held responsible for any lost item or any lost in cash valuable.

i. The Customer shall refrain from offering personal loan in whatsoever amount to the chauffeur. STG shall not be held responsible for any amount left unsettled in such private arrangement(s) between The Customer and The Chauffeur.

Our Liability in Case of Accident/Damages

a. In the event of any accident or damage caused to the Vehicle by The Chauffeur's negligence or fault, STG will be liable to pay up to a maximum of S$1000.00 OR the excess payable on the Vehicle's motor insurance policy, whichever is lower.

b. In the case of any claim arising from any accident or damage caused to the Vehicle, STG will conduct its own investigations, in addition to police or insurance claim investigations, and ensure that The Chauffeur responsible assists in all necessary reporting, investigations and court proceedings where applicable in relation to any incident he may have caused or be involved in.

Chauffeur Drive

a. Rate inclusive of chauffeur driven services, unlimited mileage, maintenance, fuel costs, Insurance coverage and toll fees.

b. A minimum of 5 hours is chargeable for all disposal services to any location in Singapore. For (no show) of guests, the full charges shall apply. Any delay exceeding half hour from the requested pick-up time, the delay shall be chargeable at the hourly rates, rounded off to the nearest hour.

c. Additional stop will be chargeable at $10.00 per stop along main route to destination.

d. For disposal/transfer services between 2300hrs and 0700hrs, a midnight surcharge $15.00 is applicable.

e. A minimum of 5 hours charge is applicable for any disposal/transfer service to/from WTC, Seletar Airport, CIP/VIP Complex.

f. Booking or reservations shall be made during office hours from 0800 hrs to 1700hrs.

g. Events booking are to reach us at least 7 working day in advance, with the exception of other bookings or reservations to be made within 24 hours in advance.

h. All bookings are deemed only to be confirmed upon receipt of notification or confirmation from ST GLOBAL (SG) PTE LTD.


a. Cancellation charges of 100% of transfer charges shall apply if the Company cancels the order at anytime within 1 hour before the performance of the job. Minimum 3 hours for disposal or 50% of the initial order if it is on project will be charged.

b. In the event of cancellation of any booking or termination of the contract by the Customer prior to the commencement of the Period of Hire, the Company shall be entitled to impose a cancellation charge payable by the Customer of 50% of the Hire for cancellations received less than 3 days but more than 24hours before the commencement of the Period of Hire and 100% of the Hire for cancellations received less than 24 hours before the commencement of the Period of Hire.

Company's Obligations

a. The Company shall make the Vehicle available to the Customer for the Period of Hire together with the services of a duly licensed driver.

b. The Company shall ensure that the Vehicle is duly licensed, insured and roadworthy and complies with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act or any statue, rules or regulations applicable in Singapore.

Use of Vehicle

a. The Customer shall not require the Company or the Driver to breach or use the Vehicle so as to breach any provision of the Road Traffic Act or any applicable statue, rules or regulations.


The Company reserves the right to substitute another vehicle of the same or better-quality for the Vehicle stated in the quotation or Rental Agreement for any reason whatsoever without incurring any liability whatsoever to the Customer.

Payment of Hire

a. Hire and any requested deposit must be paid by the date stated and payment in full must be made before the start of the Period of Hire unless any other terms have been confirmed by the Company. All payments of the Hire to the Company is to be made in full without any discount or deduction whatsoever and regardless of any claims, set-offs or counterclaims. In the event of failure by the Customer to make payment of the Hire on the due date, the Company shall be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month on the amount unpaid from the due date until payment in full is received.

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