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Individuals and companies are constantly facing the same problems of having to deal with multiple driver issues e.g. driver on Medical Leaves/Annual Leaves/Urgent Leaves, being unable to perform certain over-time duties, missing in action, misconduct, misuse of vehicle, etc. By engaging our services through annual contract terms, we will provide our clients with a designated, reliable, well trained and well managed personal chauffeur.

Having us as your one-stop service provider, assures that there will be no lapse in service if the chauffeur falls sick, goes on leave, goes on reservist duty or even resigns abruptly. In case of any emergency, a relief driver and/or a recovery vehicle will be deployed in the unexpected event of vehicle breakdown. In short, you will never have to go through the hassles of recruitment; interviewing and screening of candidates as we constantly maintain a pool of well trained, well mannered, qualified chauffeurs that are always ready to be deployed in whatsoever unforeseen situation.


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